Our Vision & Mission

Our ambition is to become the brand of choice for CBD products. We are creating a sustainable company that helps make people healthy & happy

MyLeafex's mission is to create the highest quality product using our team of doctors, pharmacists, herbalists and lab-technicians. Our mission is to create unique formulations using our hemp genetics with minor cannabinoids, terpenes and other botanical compounds in order to achieve the entourage effect.

We are dedicated to educating our people, customers & the world on how beneficial hemp CBD is, by maximising the properties of these minor cannabinoids in our products. We believe that education has to, and will, remain a key part of our mission. We work alongside our partners and colleagues to remove the stigma sometimes associated with CBD and its associated production and products.

At MyLeafex we are committed to making quality CBD available to all those who seek its benefits, at an affordable price for all.

Our Promise & Purpose

Our promise to you is that any products purchased from us have had intensive independent laboratory tests to ensure all regulations are met and you will receive a premium certified CBD product from MyLeafex.

Here at MyLeafex, our entire team is behind our purpose and we want to inspire those around us too.

We are dedicated to our products and work tirelessly at every stage of production from farming to the factory to ensure that our exciting product ranges reach the frontline consumer ready to give a natural advantage.

We do what we do because we are fully engaged in our products and work tirelessly everyday creating the latest innovation in our processes, formulas, farming and ultimately production to ensure our exciting product ranges reach the frontline consumer.

We Love what we do, We Love our products, We Love making a difference and We Love CBD!

Our Values - The Culture Foundations


WE are always Passionate, Positive & take Pride in all that we do, how we act & operate with

Respect & Integrity

WE show Respect & Integrity at all times, with all.

Trust & Transparency

WE exhibit Trust & Transparency, for us it’s the norm.


WE display strong Communications which is owned and executed to the highest of standards.


WE are a Team and we are Loyal, it’s in our DNA and we understand that working together as a team empowers our individual strengths.


WE strive for Excellence in all that we do.